Научно-производственное предприятие

        MERIDIAN R & D Co. Ltd is a leading company that has a 50 years’ experience of successful activities in development and manufacturing of the automated control and signalization systems.

         Up to 1992 the Company was active in development and manufacturing of the automated control and signalization systems for the USSR Ministry of Defense. 


 Scientific and technologic basis, ample experience (over 50 years of effective activities in the branch), high professionalism and intellectual potential of the Company’s specialists make it possible to develop and manufacture products of high quality in conformity with requirements of Ukrainian and international standards (EN54; ISO 9001:2008).

 Today the MERIDIAN R & D Company Ltd. is among the leading manufacturers in the field of automated control and signalization systems including projecting, manufacturing, mounting, setup and putting the equipment in operation; servicing of the equipment within the guarantee period and during its service life both in Ukraine and outside the country.

Automated Control Systems for Technological Processes, viz.: 

  •  automated control system for a gas turbine power plant
  • automated control for technologic processes of the gas turbine power plant
  • automatic safety control of the equipment of the gas turbine power plant
  • information on functioning of the gas turbine power plant equipment
  • data processing and output for the operator
  •  automated control system for a gas turbine engine
  • target-oriented control of the equipment and operation modes of the gas turbine engine
  • monitoring of the condition of the gas turbine 

 «Reservoir-3» - Automated Record Keeping Module for Parameters of Liquids 

  • measurement of the level, density and temperature of the light oil products (liquefied gases)
  • monitoring and storage of the obtained data

  Dispatcher Control System

  • output of the data on the parameters and condition of equipment at the distributed objects
  • remote control of equipment at the distributed objects

  Automated Control System for the Safety Providing Means of an Object

  • fire safety 
  • gas pollution control
  • security signalization
  • control of access
  • safety video system  (TV)

Automatic adressing & addressless shipboard-type systems fire safety “Foton”

Production of light and sound insulated units and control cabins of Automated fire fighting and gas leakage detection systems 

Production of high-technology equipment for different branch of industry

Supply of electric motors, pumps, fans, facilities and systems for the oil and gas industry


Moreover, enterprise execution works:

Manufacturing and Anticorrosive Protection of Metal Structures  

  • production of metal containers, storage tanks for oil products and various liquids,  cabinets and other metal structures
  • production of  blank from creep-resisting and special steel
  • covering of the metal structures manufactured by the Company with anticorrosion protective layer


Major principle of the Company’s activities is: fulfillment of the complete scope of works with high quality and within the time as specified.


We are ready to consider your needs and propositions and we are sure that our partnership will be effective and reliable and will be for a long time.


For more detailed information please address:

www.meridian.kharkov.ua; e-mail: meridian@kharkov.com

tel. + 38 0572 52 80 26, + 38 0572 52 80 23, tel/fax + 38 0572 52 90 03